Monday, May 7, 2012

The Happiest Hostess of Them All

These days I surprise myself by just how damn happy I am. Frankly, I've never been this happy. Yes shit still goes down in my life, but I'm okay. I'm terrified of fucking this all up, but knowing me I don't think I will, only obsess on the fact that it's a possibility. My senior prom was on Saturday and I had an absolute ball. I spent the day getting ready with Savy, Charlotte, and the crew. I'm stunned by how much a year changes people. I keep walking around Field thinking of how god damn beautiful it is and how lucky and privileged I am to have been there for six year. Having said that I am ready to leave. 38 days. 38 fucking days till graduation.

I'm in awe. In six years I've become a completely different person. Who will I be four years from now, when I graduate for Northeastern? At this point in my life I know Field and DC so well, I'm completely comfortable with both places and know exactly what I can and can't get away with. But very soon I'm moving to a new city where I haven't got a clue. I've never set foot in Boston let alone the school I'm going to. I'm excited and scared. This was just soooo not the plan, it's funny how life changes so fast. I was meant to be going to engineering school in England, and become friends with the high society children of London. And now..... I will remain a Yank. I do hope though that I move to England one day, I believe it's meant to happen. I think going to an American school is the right thing for me to do, just the harder decision to make. And if it's meant to be I will end up there. Please let it be meant to be. 

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