Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cross Country Championships

Cross Country championships are tomorrow and I have to say I'm really excited. My coach reminded us all that all out hard work has gone toward this one goal, championships. And it's true I have done a lot of work for this one event. I have a goal in mind, but I'm not going to write it down because I don't want to jinx it. I talked to Hanna the day before yesterday and I was telling her how proud I was that I hadn't dropped out, and I am. Today all we had to do was run a mile and do four strides on the field. It reminded me of the first day of preseason when I did the same run, yet much slower. I proud of how far I've come so far.

Speaking of being proud and how far I've come I think I may have made a new friend at school. Today I really got to talking to one of the girls in my year on the team and we really hit it off. I hope that more comes of this, and that it wasn't just a one off thing. I wish I hadn't been so dismissive of my grade in previous years. I wish I had tried more to get to know them. And not just written them off and boring idiots who didn't understand me. Well there's nothing I can do about it now just look forward.  I need to reminded myself though to keep branching out and not allow myself to retreat to my comfy bubble. 

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