Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Women Of The Island

I'm on the island (Key Biscayne) for our traditional spring break. However this year it's a bit strange because it's not the trio but me and Savy and tomorrow Anna, a friend from school, will join us. I kind of felt like we were betraying Hanna at first, but have soon gotten over that. Anyway, I have forgotten how strange and odd the women of this island are....

On our first day Savy and I decided to go on a date first getting mani pedis and then out to South Beach for dinner. While we were at the salon the women proceeded to talk about us in Spanish, assuming that neither of us knew what they were saying. I do admit we were late, however, in my book that is never okay. If you feel the need to talk shit about me don't do it to my face, in a passive aggressive manner, do it when I leave. Or say it in English to my face.

The next night we went to a party on the island. To my surprise it wasn't a preppy hispanic party where the girls wouldn't talk to us but a pretentious UM party with a bunch of hipsters where no girls would talk to us. However, being the epic duo that Savy and I are we still had fun. But, why don't girls like us? We're fun and open people.

Anyway for the moment it's fine. No matter what we always make the best of our situation and we'll have an epic vacation. But I guarantee you one thing, two actually, I'll never go back to that salon and I'll never turn into one of those Spanish women at the Salon, I'm better than that.

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