Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspiration & Fudge Sundae

After a long long day at work I finally caved in and got the ice cream sunday I've spent the last three weeks dreaming about. And what better place to go that Thomas Sweet in Georgetown. They make their hot fudge homemade and their ice cream too. It was a very lovely evening. As I waited in line a saw a family with a very cute baby and later on sat at next table to them. Just as they were leaving some girl asked the woman if she was the author of the rockstar diaries. The lady responded "yes." I pretended to know what this girl was talking about but in reality hadn't a clue. So when I got home I checked her out. This woman is brilliant. And has made me reconsider this blog of mine. What is it's purpose? Does even seem cohesive. So things may change, I think I'm inspired. 

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