Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jumping The Bat

I'm taking a class called RnR, which stands for Rational and Non-rational Approaches to Meaning. On the first day of class my teacher brought in a bat. He laid it on the floor so it separated us, the students, form him the teacher. He told us we were toeing the line of the bat and in the midst of crossing over it. The transition of moving from childhood to adulthood. As we left out class that day he had all of us jump over the bat. I was the first person of our senior class to jump the bat.

I think the metaphor is a beautiful and fitting one. I was forced to give up my innocence and childhood before most of my peers, but now I'm doing it with them. Though I am very grown up and have had to deal with too many grown up situations I am still a child I realize. And I'm terrified of jumping this bat. Right now I'm treated like an adult but if I screw up people still remember I'm a child. What happens when I do screw up and I'm an adult? I hate transitions and I don't want this to be an awful one for me. What can I do to make this an easy one?

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