Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Party From Hell

Yesterday I had a party. I was hoping for it to be a senior class party with a few other kids from other schools, but very soon I began to loose control of what was happening. Ausar (savy's "ex") showed up with 30 other Wilson kids. I kicked them out but it took an hour. They threatened me several times, and to be honest, they scared me. One threw a rock at me and this morning I found the urn on my front porch flipped upside, and it's heavy as hell.

I've spent the last 5 hours cleaning and doing over six loads of laundry and I'm not angry that I have to clean up by myself I just wish my party had turned out the way I wanted it to go. I guess I still have yet to win over my Field peers, especially the girls. This was supposed to be my shining moment where I let them see how cool I can be (sometimes) & meet fun hostess Bella. I know that sounds totally pathetic but I wanted my class to appreciate what I was trying to do for them. I'm trying to participate and be a part of something.

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