Thursday, October 27, 2011

Senior Overload

I'm beginning to feel very overwhelmed. The weight of senior year is finally beginning to weigh on my shoulders. I know a good many of my posts have been about how amazing this year has been and will be, and that is all true, but for the first time it's becoming a bit much. Last week was insanely hectic, being the end of the quarter and all. I had tests to take and papers to hand in. Every year I block out how stressful that last week in the quarter is, and then I remember when it begins. But then the memory disappears again. Walking in this Monday morning I though this week would be a breeze. The beginning of a new quarter, nothing much would happen. But all of a sudden it was like I was reliving last week. Today started off really well but something in me clicked just before lunch time and all of a sudden I was in a foul mood.

I'm not doing as well as I would like to be in physics, it has become my hardest class. Today after school my teacher created an extra test for me to take. I spent most the day worrying about it, wondering about how hard it would be. And then I got the test. I sat there for about five minutes just reading the problem out loud over and over again. And then finally the tiniest of lightbulbs went off.  I don't think I aced it but I think I definitely did better of it that I expected. It amazes me how something like that can turn one's mood around so quickly. Taking this class has really made me worry and question whether or not I'll be able to make it at an english university or even hack it out as an engineer. But today gave me just a little more confidence.

I'm also slightly irritated with Savy these days, and I don't know why. I was meant to go to New York with her for the weekend and Halloween, returning late Tuesday night. But I'm not going to go anymore for two reasons. The first being my coach guilted me into not going, championships are Wednesdays. And I just don't think I can afford to miss two days of school without falling behind. But back to Savy. She was really beginning to irritate the hell out of me. I've always known that she isn't the best student, that she's slightly spoilt & selfish, and that she eats with her mouth open. But all of a sudden it's beginning to bother me, and it never did before. Maybe her going away will be the break that we need. Saying that I do have to admit we did have a very nice 30 minute phone conversation while I walked home from school today. 

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