Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Senior Year Hostess

So much is happening so fast these days. My mum is in South Africa, so I'm currently staying home alone. It's absolutely amazing! I can't believe how quiet and peaceful the house can sound when Brendan and my mum aren't fighting.

Today was cross country's mid-season challenge. Essentially we're only half way through the season. Last week I hit a point where I was absolutely sick of cross country and couldn't bare to stay any longer. So I skipped practice all well. Not good. But today I did it. I ran my second meet and I completed it without walking. I know this does seem like much. But, comparing it to what I could do in preseason I'm proud. But I can do better. Maybe, I beginning to love this sport, a little bit. Or maybe I don't love it, maybe I need it in my life. I think running provides some much needed balance in it. I'm happier for it, to be honest.

Today, on the ride home from my meet, my coach and teacher, Jesse, started to talk to me. It was a good, honest, conversation. It remind me of how much has changed in six years. And of how he was treating me like a reall adult. Maybe that's what makes senior year, at Field, so great. People treat you better. But my god how much they really have! I've become a little bit of social butterfly, I think. For the first time I'm beginning to really shine, like I know I can.  I'm making friends with other people.

I'm even having a party, Friday. I've got friends to invite. Plus, I want my class to meet fabulous hostess Bella. Everyone loves her. Maybe my job should be being the hostess of the class. I want to participate in making this year a great one! I know I can't shut up about senior year these days, but I just love it so much!

p.s. the original title of this blog was meant to be "love the grind" a phrase our school's and now team psychologist (and former sports psychologist, for the Red Skins)  told us. But that was when most of this blog was meant to be about cross country and not senior year.

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