Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day For Getting Lost

So today I woke up at the usual time, 6 am (I don't even have to get up that early for school), to go to cross country practice. To tell you the truth I am quite surprised and impressed that I've made it three whole days. Last year I quit after day two. But anyway my point is that I got lost. When walking to school I saw an opening to the woods. I've spent years walking by it but have never entered it until today. For some reason I thought I knew my way around the woods and it would be no problem getting to school from there. Well, I was wrong. I was late to practice but on the plus side I did get to miss our two warm up laps.

Today's practice was meant to be a nice slow one. A recovery day from the pain of yesterday. I was only meant to run a total of 2 miles. Easy. My run ended up being 4.75 miles because the person we were running with got us lost... in the woods. Yes, the same woods I got lost in earlier today. We ran about a mile and a half and then turned back because she told us we went the wrong way. So we went back and took a second trail. Half way through the trail we stopped because apparently we went the wrong way. The first trail we had taken was actually the right one. So we ran all the way back to the first trail and finished it though and ran back.

When walking home after practice I decided to take the woods home. I just assumed that since I had already gotten lost twice today I wouldn't get lost a third time. Turns out I was wrong. The path I took went on for 25 minutes and once the path ended I realized I had only actually gone two city blocks. Fuck! Did I also mention I had two blisters one either one of my feet?

I'm home now writing this and I'm in completely and utter agony. Yet I feel somehow accomplished. My body's hurting... a hell of a lot, but this is good. It's adapting to the new challenges and obstacles I place in front of it. I can handle it. I know I can.

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