Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Penthouse

This morning I arrived to my mum's house excited to go to my room. I wasn't excited or delighted to be in the presence of either my brother or mother. The moment I opened the door to my house I knew what to expect; a tension of some sort between my mum and brother. I dread this, I finally realize how it must have felt when Brendan and I were constantly fighting. The only way I seem able to handle it best these days is by fleeing to my room, avoiding contact with them when they are together.

My room has turned into my 700 square foot paradise. Formerly described as "Baghdad" it was littered by an array of things such as; dirty clothes, my sister's traumatized cat Harriet's  urine, empty or sometimes moldy plates and glasses, school papers, and yes sometimes ash. Now a days the carpet can be seen and if asked one could tell you that it is indeed cream coloured, that black stain is just a burn mark. I have spent the last few weeks back reorganizing, rearranging, and cleaning but I believe the name "The Penthouse" can finally be restored to my room.

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