Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Lesbian Dinner

I talked to Hanna today, and it was so great. I know she's only been gone for five days but it seems so much longer. I gotta say I love love love modern technology. It was like we were with each other again. 

But that's just an aside. Today's blog is about the "lesbian dinner," tonight. My new lesbian neighbor's are coming over for super, at mí casa. Techincally speaking they're not new. But actually moved in last July. However I did only meet one of the the day before yesterday. So kinda new to me.

Anyway my mum's boyfriend is cooking supper. We're eating halibut, with fingerling potatoes, and a three type tomato salad. Followed by ice cream and fruits. Yum...

I don't know what to think of this diner, except puzzled. I still can't tell what to think of my mum's boyfriend and I don't knows these women. Who by the way, could very well tell my mum about the shit I've been up to, when she's away. But I doubt they'll say anything (please God!). Could this dinner end in tears?Possibly. Will it? No. 

Just A Thought:

(Today was a good day, though. My brother, Brendan, and my mum didn't get into any major fights. And I had a nice conversation with my mum. I finally really felt like she saw how I was try to let go,  move on, and be happy. I finally feel like everything just keeps better and better. I'm excited to move on, but knowing that I'm leaving DC on my terms. Having put everything to rest.

I don't know what this blog is going to be about. But maybe its actually about my time in preparing to leave D.C., inspired by Hanna. My time dealing with my currently explosive and feuding family. The process of moving on from what happened to me. Leaving Field and getting into university. And my relationship with Savy, potential boys (Brad), and everyone else.) 

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