Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Reaffirming Psychic

After my meeting with my uncle, which went very well, I ambled around Dupont Circle. As I was walking around I saw a sign for a psychic and on a whim decided to walk in. I've always wanted to go see a psychic but never bothered to actually do anything about it.

The whole experiences was... reaffirming. That's the only word I can think of. She read both my palms and spoke of my future relationships, children, the lives I will touch, and my future professionally. But what stuck a chord with me most was when she spoke of how I was recently  coming to terms with my "inner demons," not that she actually used that phrase. She spoke of how there were still lose ends I needed to tie, but the inner peace I was seeking could only be found from within.

Now maybe this is all stuff I knew, and didn't need to pay 20 bucks to find out, but it was nice. It made me believe a little more what I already knew to be true. I'm moving on. I'm finding the closure within.

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